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Choosing Wedding Venues

A wedding venue is no doubt one of the most important decisions a wedding couple has to make, as it will either make or break a wedding. This is for the simple reason that not only does it set the tone, but it will be a permanent memory of what the wedding will be remembered as. However with beauty as one of the defining factors to choose a venue, there are some other aspects that should be considered before settling down on one venue.

Location of the venue

When choosing between venues in Melbourne, its proximity to where the wedding couple’s family, friends and relatives come from has to be considered. This comes about as it is too far, many of the guests invited might be inconvenienced by the travelling, arriving extremely late for the wedding. Worse still is that many more many not honor the invitations given, making it a dull and boring wedding.

Things have changed over the last couple of years when it comes to traditional function venues. Event planners and hosts have been looking at novel ways to enhance experiences that guests at functions get by choosing unconventional ways to host events. Remember that as you push the envelope past convention, you should still make sure that you will end up choosing as a function venue that relates to the objective and the theme of the event. To be sure you get your first choice of venue – book early.


The capacity of the venue in question should fit the wedding couple needs satisfactorily. Without being restrained for space, the venue should be big enough to not only offer free movable space to let the guest interact freely, but also should offer space to dance and enjoy the event.

There are some locations for weddings in Melbourne that are usually so popular and need booking even a year in advance, to get the spot. On the other hand spots that might be available might not be suitable wedding season, an example being winter. In this case check whether the venue in question is available as per the agreed date, in the event it is not another venue should be considered

Type of venue

Depending on the theme of the wedding, the type of venue will go well to ensure that it is portrayed as should be. In this regard if the couple seeks an indoor theme, then a hotel and restaurant is ideal. On the other hand if the theme is an outdoor setting, then a garden should be selected.


Guests coming to the wedding would love it if they find free available parking. In this case before settling down on one ensure that the location of the wedding offers that. However for those coming through public transport, the location chosen should offer a number of public transit access amongst other considerations.

Extras that will be used

Many wedding venues offer A/V equipment, tables, chairs, tents and lines for the couples intending to hold their wedding in the premise. However it is important to ask on what is being offered beforehand, to be able to make other arrangements if the extras are not available.


All in all with the things to consider above being available and positive, the decision boils down to cost. In this case make a rough draft of what the cost the venue will cost and compare it to what the budget is. If the cost is too high it is best to look for another venue.

With this consideration in mind, narrowing down a function room will be easier, making it a memorable enjoyable wedding.

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